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sparkling into reality

December 31, 2010

what is it about sparkles that make us smile, feel festive, creative? is it the sparkle that lights something in our spirits, something that inspires us to follow our instincts to try something new. push our limits?

is it because they remind us of when we were a child dreaming and believing everything is possible wishing upon a shooting star? what was your dream as a little child? did you know what you loved as a child is what you are most passionate about. do you remember?

new years makes us all think of a fresh start. the opportunity to start new journeys. for me, i create new journeys, goals + be the best i can be daily. today, this moment is the time to be the you you would be if you had no possibility of failure. no need to wait until the new year.

do you have that sparkle under your toes. that thing in your stomach you know you really want to do – but something is stopping you. something. move forward. what do you have to lose? realize those dreams.

use your amazing sparkly energy within to live the life of doing what you love. one day at a time. use those sparkles as shooting stars. one wish, and it is up to you to make it happen.


happy wishes to your days of creating dreams into reality.

i for one need to begin focusing not only on what i want ahead of me, but what was accomplished to get there. i have had an amazing year. amazing days. amazing moments. here is to many more. continue to be the best you and love what you do.

images from here. herehere. here.  here. herehere.

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