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passageways: transition ahead

January 12, 2011

hallways.. passageways, whatever name you choose – always intriquing, wondering what is at the other end.  some bright, some dark, some telling stores with every step. and with each step, there is a learning that we need to embrace.

as you can see, i have made some changes if you are used to following me at anora grey. as you may know, i launched this blog + company late summer 2010, but with my background being marketing i felt the need to name this company something other than mine (like i did for clients), a choice that i am now regretting. as an artist, designer, fellow creative – the realization becomes bright as you become creating works of art  that  the work is truly yours, not a companies name. anora grey has now changed to me – christina loucks. initially i wanted to avoid using my name, stay behind scenes, but as i took a step each day doing my work, i realized more + more that it should be me. an artist, lifestyle + tablescape-lover, baker, floral designer. .. all over creative.

thank you for your patience with my transition into a new name, my name.  my goal is  to make it quick + easy..anything on this page will be rerouted to the new site, facebook will remain but with a new name,  but twitter handle will be changed to christinal_ (my name is unavailable).  my name is in the process of being graphically designed, so there will be a basic place-holder  for now.

thanks again for being a fan of my work, you keep me going. would love to know all your thoughts if you have gone through any key learnings along your pathway. we all evolve + learn daily as we move through our path. i would love to hear your story.

photo gratitude: shoot factory, skona hem

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  1. January 13, 2011 9:47 am

    I think you are making a wise decision. As we discussed, having your name as your brand is smart as you can do anything, any sort of work or business, and people know YOU. I wish you continued success and joy in all your ventures. And we still need to meet for that coffee when weather permits :)



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