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my new look

January 29, 2011

so as you may have read on my past posts on my transition of moving more in to lifestyle, design + styling using my name, instead of a company name [formerly known as anora grey] – alot of you responded to the personalized posts, + asked for more,  so i will continue with some of my processes here.

you also asked that i shared my evolution in changing my branding  + with it being so personal, with it being my name, it was a huge challenge to choose a font that represents me  – clean lines, modern, vintage + mid century. but as i stumbled upon the font i decided on – i read the description + it was a winner. wouldn’t this description have won you over?

“The fine line elegance of this 1920’s and ’30’s style typeface was created at Letraset by one of the world’s leading experts in type design, Colin Brignall. The lower case is refined with its long ascenders and complemented by capitals that can also be used alone. An excellent choice wherever a feminine, upscale look is desired.”

i also stumbled around with finding something that looked hand-written + stumbled upon a font from the 1800’s hand-written by an artist. so together – i feel i found the perfect pairing – what do you think?

as far as what to call me – well, it is tough to really narrow that down when you are in the lifestyle creative realm, but to outline my specialties, the decision was floral design + styling which covers just about all of the artistic creativities in one bucket.  i have enjoyed a few lifestyle  + design demonstrations recently + am having a blast.

as for the color scheme – i am really inspired by pencil lines. i have a huge affinity for charcoal + pencil sketches, so pairing that with my vintage  lizard handbag, that brings the mod in, so the colors are a simple dark graphite + white.

hope you enjoy! i also hope you enjoy the new series i am beginning on this site called dream.create.inspire – a space where you will hear from fellow entrepreneurs, etc that are truly living the life they created, + will be highlighted as a space of empowerment for you to learn, enjoy + stay motivated. if you know anyone who fits that description perfectly – send them my way!

bag image

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  1. sarahkristine permalink
    January 29, 2011 7:39 pm

    I love your style! I am also a big fan of pencil lines and elegant simplicity. I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog!


  2. February 1, 2011 3:08 pm

    LOVE your new “look”! Feels so sophisticated & interesting….excited to see more!!


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