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dream.create.inspire: arlene matthews of

May 22, 2012

i had the pleasure of meeting the ladies of twentythirtyforty at a rue magazine event i styled after the first lavish! conference a year or so back. and what i remember most is the fabulous style these ladies exuded,+ the sensational vintage black sequined dress arlene was wearing so perfectly. these ladies present such a fabulous energy as though they are living the fun in life, instead of life living them. i am so very excited to introduce arlene (placed right in the above image), and tomorrow, brandon will grace us with her interview.

please explain your company:

twentythirtyforty is a style business dedicated to the 30, 40, 50 year old set. We share styling tips, shopping  / designer resources, streetstyle, personal style, interior inspirations, DIY projects, and features on fellow women we admire. Beyond the web, we style for personal clients, fashion editorials and commercial projects.

arlene’s inspiring images:

what was your childhood dream?

to find beauty 

your dailies

a lot of family, a lot of making business happen, a lot of coffee, a lot of breathing

what is your favorite thing about your job?

working with such talented people & challenging ourselves creatively

Favorite quote(s)

you are where you need to be

-print by nicole & jimmy chung at lovesugar

Favorite Flower


How do you stay motivated daily?

usually two things work for me…meditating, even for a minute to say hello to myself and the new day.  and this one is kind of silly, but i love getting dressed for the day…trying new thing.  i feel like i can take on anything when i love what i have on.

Toughest challenge upon working towards your dream?

motivating myself & others

How did you work through it?

let’s just say it’s a work in progress

How many times have you heard no?

many times…not necessarily the word no, but challenges that certainly feel like no.

Often time “no” can be very demotivating, how have you turned no’s into yes’s or find the silver lining?

I’ve learned to think of no as ‘there’s a better way’.


I find it very important to recognize your accomplishments, while you set new goals to have a sense of achievement.  List your favorite accomplishment this year?

styling a fashion feature and landing the cover for one of our hugely admired online publications,…insane!

Balancing free services vs paid while building your business.

it’s part of running your own business.  it’s all very grass roots…bartering and ‘apprenticeship’ to learn more.  it’s great experience that you really do need.  you also come to a point where you can & should be paid and there are certain projects that just warrant you to be paid.  as time goes on, the free jobs become more & more of paid jobs J

What is the one thing that gave your business a boast.

The incredible blogging community.

As we grow + learn about ourselves, evolution may be necessary.  How do your dreams evolve like you do?

you begin to realize what you really love & where your talents lie.  for me, I begin to move towards these things to make them a reality.  as I do this, there are also dreams that begin to ‘fade’.

When do you know when to let go of a goal and move onto another?

when it becomes one challenge after another, when you’re not making any strides after you’ve tried you’re best, when it no longer feels like a good ‘fit’ for you, be open to listening to the signs & the universe J

What inspires you?

color. a great book. an interesting idea. travel. the blogging community.  a long hot shower.

Favorite go-to books:

the good earth – 3x. life of pi.  love in the time of cholera, one hundred years of solitude – rereading now, the sun also rises – rereading now, a year in provence,


 lula.  i love you.  gentlewoman.


 moleskin because I want everything single color,shape & style…seriously, edith a miller for their striped tees, rachel comey for her passion

Persons you have looked up to for drive & inspiration

i have to say my kids, simon & kit.  best cheerleaders EVER.

What do you recommend for creative budding entrepreneurs working to create their dreams?

be flexible, be open, be professional in every sense of the word.

thank you SO very much, arlene  for helping to dream. create + inspire others.

to see more interviews

for more information on the series

* images provide by arlene

© christina loucks.



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