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stop to smell the roses

May 25, 2012

it has now been 3 months (+ 1 week) since mila has graced + entered our lives after 9 months of anticipation in my growing belly. i can’t believe how time passes so quickly  + how much can be learned from such an itty bitty little lady. she starts her day with a smile, + falls asleep with a smile (98% of the time). coos + giggles her way through the days keeping me on my toes + my life in perspective as the moments pass through the day. making me oh so aware that every moment is unbelievably precious, live in the moment + stop to smell the roses. for every time i seem to look away from her, + drift off, i seem to look back + she’s smiling; a moment so priceless i will never tire from seeing. 

i have always been the one who is setting goals, accomplishing, + moving to the next never really taking time to celebrate any accomplishment. result: you never really know what you’ve accomplished. mila has been of course my ultimate accomplishment,+ one that i celebrate moment by moment. she has taught me to stop. appreciate. enjoy.

on this upcoming 3 day weekend, i ponder how much she has taught me, + what i want to teach her about life+ the world around her. i want her to live in the same messages she silently teaches me daily + feel the unconditional, most powerful love anyone can imagine that comes from a mom. i look forward to teaching her every day + to the times we are walking together hand in hand picking flowers along the way just as i did with my mom.

happy 3-day weekend. here is the little lady i will be spending it with (along with my husband + dog kona)

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  1. August 12, 2012 2:06 am

    Just discovered you thru images on pinterest. I’m enjoying browsing! Your baby is lovely…I’m partial to her mame of course. Mine is pronounced my-la…great great grandma from ireland. Anyway, i dont blog much but i appreciate design as a photographer.



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