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happy new year to the same beautiful you.

December 31, 2012

generally i upload images of my work, my life + beautiful things, + my dream.create.inspire series, but today i want to just send a message to celebrate you.

there is something about a new year, a time that is magical + full of celebration that evolves into pressure to become a new you in the new year. a societal message causing you to focus on what you need to change during a time that is supposed to be an amazing celebration of life. not a celebration of the new you, or the you will be, or want to be, but to celebrate who you are, have gratitude, and look forward to another year of being you . somehow a new year has become making a resolve with a focus on what you don’t have, who you aren’t and focusing on just that – negativity.  


i for one would rather focus on the positive daily, and want to teach just that to my daughter; celebrate gratitude + a happiness for life. focusing on being the best version of you  daily, + if that day does not go right, to wake up the next morning, and take on the next day even better with what you’ve learned. what you focus on is what you will become.


focus on what you can do, not on what you cant. focus on what you’re great at , what you love  + teach yourself  areas where you want to get better.


i saw a quote once that said “comparison is the thief of joy” + in fact, believe strongly that is true. just go be the best version of YOU daily.


happy new year to just who you are today. 

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