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life lessions

December 31, 2012

mila 10 months

as you all know, i became a new mom this year to a little lady named mila + i am forever grateful for this amazing gift. and she is the gift that keeps on giving.  she unknowingly + silently  offers daily pearls of knowledge. these pearls are things we can all learn from to make our days brighter, accomplishments more enjoyable, + goals easier to accomplish.

i wanted to share her little pearls she has taught me with you in the new year.

* greet each + every day with a smile
* eager, curious determination
* i think i can, i think i can.. i can.
* practice makes perfect
* allow yourself to be astonished
* if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
* when in crisis, ask for help
*continue onward as though you could not fail. failing is not an option.
* celebrate each accomplishment with pride (+ perhaps even with a giggle)


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