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wall curations

January 15, 2013

wall creationsi am slowly working towards a goal of mine to [finally] start printing pictures, framing them + putting some stories on my walls. i have also dedicated to myself that i will print my favorite images from mila’s first year, + actually put an album together , + again each year. i’ve been using shutterfly to house all my images, + i have them organized by month. seems to be working well so far, but if you know of a better way, i am all ears.

i was never one who wanted to have little picture frames on every surface of my home. i always love looking at everyone else’s photos when i go to their homes, but they never felt right in mine. perhaps because i am limited on surface space. but this year, + as i work through my living room design [just realized i have not blogged on that yet], i have committed to collecting my favorite things + images to hang creatively on the walls. i have already started collecting little pieces of brass platters  + other interesting things to add to the mix, as well as frames from the goodwill + vintage stores. don’t pay retail, just update them on your own, if needed! i have found some great clean-lined aluminum, brass + white frames.

to follow my stream of living room design inspiration – see my collected items on pinterest’

oh! and in case i forgot to mention, i am now on instagram, too! follow my dailies + little mila here

images here + here

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