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new bathroom decisions

January 21, 2013

so as i’ve said before, i have a little 1956 home. 2 full bathrooms, but one full is currently a half with a broken shower. so it is now time to fix that little stinker. and with fixing, comes decisions. as a huge fan of grey + white, that seems to be the perfect choice. should be easy, right?


the footprint is remaining. shower bath combo, etc. what i have decided along with the grey + white scheme, is that i want white subway tile. classic + always modern. i plan to mix it with a little bit of white mosaic carrera for the cut out shelves in the shower (mix the inexpensive with a little pricey). so more decisions – to do the floor, or to not do the floor. initially i was going to, even though i am a little attached to the little green rectangular, hand-laid tiles on my little 25 square foot floor. but keeping that really limits me with grout choice.. pretty much to only white, + of course fearful of the staining.


then today my contractor hit me with a little surprise before we began demo. my home is of the time that they used lead in the construction.  so with that said, we are taking all precautions needed to prevent any lead poisoning, which is expensive, to say the least. so now i am tinkering on the thought of keeping the sweet little floor to re-balance the budget [ did i mention the roof is getting done, this week!] when it rains, it pours. truth be told. i will probably do the floor, too. boy, i’m sure glad i ordered my sofa already. no going back now, it’s on it’s way from canada.


my initial thought was this – either horizontal or vertical brick pattern, grey grout, brushed nickel fixtures, grey floors, white cabinet [because that is what i have now, + it’s not changing, yet]. clean + simple.  and don’t you love that little tile cut out? mine will be filled with white marble tiles:)

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  1. January 22, 2013 11:18 am

    My family was always remodeling houses as I was growing up. The teenage me did a lot of tile work with my dad. :-P He taught me to seal the grout with a good quality grout sealer as soon as it was dry, before you actually start using the room. We never had any grout stain problems!


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