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January 25, 2013
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there are some days that even when i sit down i still feel like i am moving. does that ever happen to you? like when you step off a boat onto dry land, you rock. that is sort of what it feels like, but a little different.


this has been quite the week.  my roof + gutters had to get done, so we had 2 days of banging, tearing + hammering, which resulted with 2 days of no napping for mila. bathroom demo. corporate meeting presenting my marketing plans for 3 regions [my corporate job]. tile selection              [today!] my bedroom is fulled with stuff from the bathroom, sheet rock dust galore,  trying to make / find art for the living room, waiting for my sofa to arrive [ships tomorrow], still designing mila’s first birthday [in my head] + even though it is going to be a little, little shindig, it needs to be pretty..  + then there is that little commitment i made for myself to print + hang pictures i took this year. for some reason i seem to be trying to do it all at once so now i am seeking a relaxing place of calm to hopefully calm my little creative voice that keeps speaking.


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