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blushing over my new neutral.

February 1, 2013

peach + grey kitchen

blush is a color that has taken me a bit by surprise as the neutral-lover that i am. the discovery of the shade began when i had a little girl. a girl i swore up + down would live in black, white + grey. well, that was until she was born… and we actually found out it was a girl. a girl who wears color really well.

peach pillow

the first hint of color i bought for her room was this peach felt mobile for her nursery.  now with all white walls in the main house, hints of brass + gold finds mixed with silver steel+ brignt light, the addition of blush would add a nice touch of warmth to the space. i’m having some typography art made of my favorite sayings that will include hints of blush.


and these wonderfully modern spaces look just perfect with their hints of blush. can you even get over that little swing. i wonder if i can climb up into the attic to find a rafter to attach a swing?

blush swing + #benjaminmoore paint


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