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happy FIRST birthday to my little lady.

February 17, 2013


i was told my life would change. i was told this time would fly. but i never did imagine how amazingly my life would change. and how fast the time truly does fly. in warp speed. and yes, i know every mom says it. and yes, every mom really does mean it. it is the most amazing, fulfilling, all – encompassing kind of love you can ever imagine.


i saw something the other day, i don’t remember where [probably pinterest!] asking a mom what kind of superhero she is. and she said she is the kind that grows babies. and i have to say, until  reading that did i realize how truly amazing and blessed i am to have been given this miracle + gift to be able to bring this little lady into the world. and little does she know, she is my superhero. my little greet every moment with a smile, determined and never frustrated, little lady who giggles her way crawling across the floor towards each new experience and milestone.


and little does she know i learn from her everyday. i have learned patience. to greet each new experience with a smile, inquiry, and gratitude.  to savor every little moment + see all the little gifts and surprises that surround us. i have learned to enjoy every single drop of the day. and even all the messes they provide. the mess will always be there, but these moments will not. and that is what i work to scoop up and savor.


happy birthday to my little superhero.

photos by julia robbs when mila was only 2 weeks old. see more of this photoshoot by julia here.

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