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dream.create.inspire: kirsten grove of simply grove

March 4, 2013

  kirsten grove

i am so excited to have kirsten grove on this series, today. i happen adore her [simple] design aesthetic with lovely clean lines; right up my alley. her personality shines through her blog, + you must see her kiddos that frequent over on simply grove. she seems like that girl you could enjoy lots of giggles + conversation with.. .if we only lived closer!

tell us about Simply Grove.

Simply Grove is a blog that is dedicated to great design and decor. My goal is to inspire people to love their home and live feeling inspired.

simply grove | twitter | pinterest | facebook

what was your childhood dream?

I had quite a few dreams when I was a youngster. One was to be a porcelain doll maker. Not sure why but I thought that it would be very fulfilling. Another dream was to play tennis like Chris Evert. She was my idol! Now though those dreams never panned out, my third dream to be an interior designer, came true.

your dailies (job)

By day I run my own interior styling business. I mostly work with e-decorating projects. I also write my own blog as well as blogging for Better Homes and Gardens, Euro Style Lighting and others. By morning, day and night I’m a mom and a wife. Best job ever!

what is your favorite thing about your job?

Making my own schedule is the best feeling. Especially knowing that I can spend as much time with my kids as I want. I definitely do not take my life for granted.

favorite quote(s)

Love is patient and Love is kind.

favorite flower

I never can get enough of Peonies. Sadly we only have them for 2 months here in Boise. I have at least 2 boutiques in my house during those months.

how do you stay motivated daily?

Every morning I juice and take my vitamins. After that I enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing inspirational sites and blogs. It reminds me why I love what I do so much and kicks me into my day. It’s also important to surround yourself with creative and motivated people. I have many friends that encourage me through their lifestyles.

how did you get your start?

I started working for a few builders, doing both residential and commercial. From there I my kids came, I started a blog and everything just evolved from there. Being online has been such a fun, life changing experience. I have met amazing people and have had opportunities that don’t always happen in a middle America location.

toughest challenge(s) upon working towards your dream?
how did you work through that challange?

Not having a design degree has sometimes interfered with business opportunities but I’ve kept my head high and done the best that I can with who I am.

how many times have you heard no?

Oh, I’ve had my fair share of no’s.

often times hearing “no” can be very demotivating, how have you turned “no’s” into “yes’s” or find the silver lining?

Every no has become a learning experience for me. I always take life experiences and make a lesson out of it. It’s important to be humble, accept that we all make mistakes and strive to grow.

i find it very important to recognize your accomplishments, while you set new goals to have a sense of achievement. list your favorite accomplishment this year?

I finally took the big leap to do my own thing full time last year and that alone has been my greatest accomplishment. It’s scary but exhilarating. I’m not educated in running my own business so everything has been a big learning curve. But I love it!

balancing free services vs paid while building your business

I think it’s very important to build your presence online. If I get approached about an opportunity that won’t pay well but will benefit my business, I usually take it. Though I’m also really good at saying no.

what is the one thing that has given your company a big boost?

Going full time! For a few years, I was balancing alot of responsibilities. Since going full time, I have seen a huge growth in my business and blog.

as we grow + learn more about ourselves, evolution may be necessary. how do your dreams evolve as you do?

I feel like my dreams become more mature the older I get. They’ve seemed to evolved into realistic dreams. Though I still believe that the impossible can come to life!

when do you know when its time to let go of a goal and move on to another?

I usually let go of something when I’ve lost my passion for it and it becomes a hair pulling, knife stabbing job. I’m a big believer of doing what you love.

what inspires you?

Friends, places, colors, flowers, flea markets, traveling, cafes, my husband, my church….the list goes on.

creatives tend to have numerous passions, how did you hone in your focus to keep your creative self-satisfied?

I’ve loved interior design since I was in elementary school. It was a no brainer when I started this career. Luckily it was evident to my friends and family what I was good at so I never really questioned this decision.

your favorite go–to books/magazines/brands that you adore?

I’m a big fan of Australia publications like Inside Out and Real Living. I also love just about everything Chronicle Books produces.

persons you have looked up to for drive + inspiration?

My mom was a single mom during my junior high and high school years. She went to school full time, while working, while raising me. She showed me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. She never quits so therefore, I never quit.

as a new mom myself, balancing a corporate career + a creative life; do you have any advice on how you balance it all?

Have fun and don’t take life too seriously. Kids feel stress and they feel when their parents are too busy with work. When I do have a busy week, I make sure that my kids have fun things to look forward to, like play dates and such. I’m also overly organized but I couldn’t do it any other way!

what do you recommend for creative, budding entrepreneurs working to create their dreams?

Take that leap of faith and don’t look behind you!

thank you SO very much for helping to dream. create + inspire others, Kirsten!

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  1. March 4, 2013 11:35 am

    Wonderful interview! I love Kirsten’s work, and the way she’s found a balance in her life is so inspiring.


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