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you’re a jewel || brass bar necklace

April 3, 2013


so in case you did not know, i am truly addicted to collecting jewelry […and design].  even if is to just wear every once in an while , pull out to admire or keep on display. a main reason to collect is to pass down to generation. now that i have a daughter, let the collecting commence!  and how fun to pair each jewelry finding with a piece of decor i think fits it well.  it is all design, right! i have started this little series called “you’re a jewel” to show my  jewelry favorites paired with a favorite piece of furniture.

i have a great little glass pendant necklace i got from my sister after helping her with her wedding. it is prism glass with gold “M” on it for mila. and now mila has this little nickname  “squoosh”  + i would love to have a necklace for that.  i have developed an affinity for this style bar necklace + thought it may be just the right touch for her nickname necklace. and made in brass instead of gold, it is much easier on the pocketbook. and how lovely paired with this chair from room + board?!  classic + modern perfection.

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