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bedroom dilemmas

April 4, 2013


so do you have a room that is just that, a room. it is not really designed, but it is there, and it looks pretty but still needs more, but because of funds, time, etc it has not been completed? well, i do- a few of them, actually. and i tend to focus on pieces of them for a time being, then get distracted with work, life, etc and then they sit waiting for my attention, again.  the room that is teetering in my mind right now is the bedroom. it is a great space. very bright with large windows [and a very outdated ceiling fan, but that is another gets HOT in Atlanta!].  so while i have always yearned for the above tate bed from Crate & Barrel, i seem to be swaying down to the below. a simple cut out in the wall. i can see plants there, and a few pictures. uber simple + clean. …. oh, and alot less expensive to achieve than the bed being that budget is an issue.

 i feel like the above is a “grown up” bed, but then i ask myself, “says who?”. can’t it be whatever you really like?


i still have some sheet rock repair that needs to be done in the house left from the bath remodel, so perhaps this can be a little addition to the sheet rock project. i guess i’ll wait to see on price, right! – ….what do you think?

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