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coveted curations || ETSY Planters.

April 24, 2013


i  am seriously all over hanging plants, these days. plants have always been a huge part of my home, and i am sure it is because my mother had them all over our home growing up. but to me, they just add so much refreshing life into a home. and i have to say, the sheer reason mine are still alive now that i have a daughter is a miracle + thanks to all the sunlight that beems into the home all day. 


so which is your favorite type of hanging planters? rope, beaded, or metal. all with so many amazing aesthetics, some soft, some retro, and some more modern.


but in my humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of them. and if hanging plants aren’t t your thing, how about these super duper cute little planters below?


i for one am having a tough time deciding, but the beaded seems to be on my list at the moment! and of course just love to support handmade. also kinda wishing i had a windowsill to add these little minis to. what about you? which is your favorite?

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