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coveted curations || feeling a little chairy.

April 25, 2013

coveted curations || neutral chairs @christinal_

so i ran into these two amazing danish modern teak vintage chairs this weekend, and am still obsessing over them. obsessing because i did not buy them. and hoping to get there this afternoon to get them provided they are still there. you see, i have not ever reupholstered anything yet, and was not sure what the cost would be. that and because i just got a little comfortable chair for my living room. a nice little white leather everett chair from west elm. but with a photoshoot coming up in june, i thought what a perfect time to make even more improvements…. i mean, any excuse right? and you can always find room for another chair. only if budgets were never an issue!  so let’s just pretend there is no budget for the sake of this post. and i write as i stare at fabric swatches to my side  starting at me from my idea-provoking stroll through the fabric store today in the off chance the chairs are still there. so there. that would be why i am feeling a little bit chairy.  so wish me luck the chairs are still there AND i can negotiate a great deal, oh, and that my fabric selections are on sale!

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