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June 22, 2013

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first i have to apologize for my delay in posts lately.  i have missed it!  however whatever down time i usually have when mila is asleep at night, i lost.  my little lady has been getting her one-year molars, and boy – it has taken every ounce of energy out of both of us.  she has become a little insomniac.  she is usually such a great sleeper. 


as i was getting ready for my house shoot, i was realizing how much my personal style in fashion really influences and relates to my style for my home design.  do you think fashion influences your design choices for your home. do you think one reflects the other?  i totally do. my style tends to be minimal. simple. chic. i stick to the basics, especially in colors and if you have gotten to know me, you know just what those colors are – white, grey + black. those can always be worked with and brought up to date with the addition of new accessories, just like your home can get new lamps, pillows, and fun accessories to give it a facelift.


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