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a little time to play [ away ]

June 23, 2013


so squoosh + i are headed out of town to visit my parents + sisters this week.  we’re headed to nantucket for a fun little family get together.  with me in atlanta, one sister still in NY + the rest of the family in nantucket, it is rare we all are able to get together in the same room at the same time, so i am really looking forward to it.  if you haven’t been, it is an amazing island who’s main street looks like time has stopped + you’ve walked into a dickens novel, cobblestone streets + all.  the rest of the island is untouched beauty where all the roads, paved + unpaved, end at the sea.  so you can wander + wander.  mila was at the beach at 4 months, but she is sure not 4 months anymore.   at 16 months + scooting everywhere on her little feet, it is sure to be another experience all together.

so there will be a little delay in my posting, + taking a little break from the social sites to truly absorb the beauty around me.  i’m sure there will still some posting on my  instagram that i won’t be able to resist.





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