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life || squoosh + sleep

July 11, 2013

1044622_10201671719933479_1083704831_nso have i mentioned that squoosh is getting her molars?  she has been for the past 8 weeks. it is truly so unfair little smiley munchkins have to go through such discomfort.  my little mila has been having a really tough time – as you can see above, this was the other night in the big bed, not her crib, which has become the routine around here while these molars are in play.  mom + only mom will do. restless little toes up the nose, elbows in the eye, head buts — you name it.  i keep thinking i will wake up with a black eye. but i have to say, 99% of the time i love every bit of it.  extra time to giggle, tickle, chat – there will be one day she won’t want any bit of me, so i’ll take what i can get for now, even if it is 24 hours a day worth.


but i will say, the few + between nights i have been able to sleep without her has been wonderfully restful. i think these teething breaks are just as much for the kiddos as they are for the parents:)

speaking of sleep – well not really, but of home.  i wanted to share my little home with you over on SMP Living – have a look!

image 1 – me image 2

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