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my [rustic] work || introducing icemilk aprons new heirloomed collection

October 1, 2013


in the hot[test]days of august, i had to hone into my rustic side + help my dear friend + blog partner at neutral hue, with styling up her amazing new line heirloomed by icemilk aprons. i was so honored she wanted this modern gal to take on this rustic project. and i had a blast! you know how i love tabletops.  i also got to do a little modeling, as well:)… and of course squoosh spent the day with us, learning the trade, all about farms, horses, pigs + patience.  she was quite the trooper, + may even appear in some of the spring images. it was that time of day where she did not want to leave mommy’s side.





we took a trip down to ashley’s families farm + went to work. and despite the beets + flowers being eaten by the roaming pot belly pig, bee stings while we hung the aprons,  insane temperatures, we were still able to make it work… and make it look like there should be leaves falling + a chilll in the air.  we actually shot both fall looks + spring looks on the same day.  can’t wait to show you the spring line…but that will have to wait…. so – what do you think of my rustic side?





all photos by  the amazing heidi geldhauser || styling by christina loucks || table lines + aprons from heirloomed by icemilk aprons


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