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this is a series that will be used to help you dream, create + inspire with some amazing entrepreneurs + people living their dreams.  so much of what i do is to dream up a design, create it + hopefully inspire others at the same time. but the phrase dream create inspire can be used in many other avenues, as well which is what this space is for.

here you will see guest posts from some people we admire to learn their dreams, about their jobs + daily  motivations. the good + the bad.  i believe everyone has peaks + valleys in their path to their dreams, + find it so important for people working to create their dreams to know they are not alone.  learn how others stay motivated  on their paths + manifest their dreams.

series interviews:

grace bonney: design*sponge.

 catharina bruns: workisnotajob.

courtney khail: artist

 michelle weibe asid of studio m

alisa barry of bella cucina

brandon hansen frein of

arlene matthews of

lourdes sanchez textile designer / west elm

dallas shaw fashion illustrator

kirsten grove of simply grove

are you interested in participating in this series?

have you been successful in working towards creating the life of your dreams? interested in participating in the series? hooray!  send me a note  with dream.create.inspire in the subject line.

© christina loucks.


.images via here + here


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